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Best Ireland Road Maps for USA Travelers – VIDEO

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Apr 5, 2016

Every tourist should have a map of Ireland even if he or she is on a coach tour. A map offers two purposes that enhance the traveling experience.

In this video, Mindie Burgoyne gives advice on choosing the best map for your Ireland trip.

  1. Planning – You need a map to either plan whether you’re doing a self-drive trip to Ireland or¬†joining a trip with a pre-planned itinerary. ¬†Getting the geographic perspective before you go is so important to the overall travel experience.
  2. Understanding the geographic perspective once you’re in Ireland. Being able to know where you are and where you’re going enriches the travel experience and helps you to remember more.

Don’t get a road map to help you navigate a self-drive tour. Rent a “Sat-nav” known by us in the States as a GPS. They are invaluable for out-of-country drivers.

Top 3 Ireland Road Map Recommendations:


Best Ireland Road Maps

Collins Map of Ireland National Geographic Ireland Adventure Map MapEasy's Guidemap to Ireland and Spirits
Collins Map of Ireland NatGeo Adventure Map MapEasy’s Guide
Michelin Map of Ireland Oridinance Survey Ireland Touring Map. Rick Steves Planning Map of Ireland
Michelin Map of Ireland OSI Touring Map Rick Steves Planning Map


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