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Thin Places Mystical Tours with Mindie Burgoyne

Fairy Tree in the Lonan Valley - Scotland

Fairy Tree in the Lonan Valley – Scotland

Thin Places Mystical Tours are small group tours to mystical sites in Western Europe. 

Mindie Burgoyne began doing tours to Ireland’s thin places back in 1991.  Since then she’s developed the kind of tour that explores hidden Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany… those secret places that the big tour buses often pass by. Guests can spend more time at the sites than in the car or bus, and connect with the land, to be inspired by this magical landscape.

Our Thin Places Tours – We Do it All for You

These tours that provide relaxing transportation to well-known and hidden mystical sites that are all located in a specific region so you’re not driving all day going from one end of the country to another. We stay in city centers in 4-star hotels, all with private baths, and guests stay in one location for several nights to make the tour more relaxing.  All evenings are free, so guests can roam about, visiting pubs, talking with the Irish or taking a solitary evening walk in a nearby mystical site.

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