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Thin Places - Travels through Celtic Holy Ground
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Wales -Thin Places in Wales
Nevern - Wales Nevern
The Church of St. Brynach located in a small town in South west Wales - Pembrokeshire.  This is the home of the famous Nevern High Cross and the bleeding Yew Tree and the megalithic monument, Pentre Ifan.
Gateway to Pennant Melangell Pennant Melangell
Tiny hamlet in central Wales where an 8th century Irish princess named Melangell retreated to a life of contemplation beneath the Berwyn mountains.  She founded a monastery - and is buried here. The ruins have since been restored.  
The birthing stone of St. Non - mother of St. David St. David's
Ancient city in Pembrokeshire named for 6th Century Saint who established a monastery there.  Saint David is said to have been the uncle of King Arthur.

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