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Wales -Thin Places in Wales
St. David's - a Thin Place in Wales
      The Land of David - by Brendan O'Malley
Remotely situated near the western extremity of Wales, where the land stretches out to the Irish sea; and where a narrow river runs through a valley: is Dewisland, the land of David.

As into the sea all rivers go, and yet the sea is never filled, and still to their goal the rivers go, so too do pilgrims journey to St. Davidís and to the cathedral dedicated to his name.

St Davidís Cathedral equals any in the British Isles for beauty and interest, and is rivaled by only a very few. Its situation is unique: visitors, unless forewarned, would not know that it was there. They come first to the winding streets of St Davidís City, which is little more than a small town. Then, as they pass through an old gateway, there is spread before them a valley and a scene of vast medieval splendor: a cathedral built from the local purple-colored Caer Bwdy stone, harmonizing with the windswept natural surroundings. To the north lie the ruins of St Maryís College, and to the west, across the little River Alun, are the magnificent ruins of the Bishopís Palace.

Text by Brendan O'Malley from the Land of David
Copyright 1999 by Brendan O'Malley, All Rights Reserved.


Bishops Palace - St. Davids - Pembrokshire Wales Bishops Palace
c. 14th century
Great Hall in Bishops Palace - St. Davids, Wales Great Hall in Bishops Palace
Stone Stairway in Bishops Palace - St. Davids, Wales Stairway in Bishops Palace
Birthstone of St. Non - touched when giving birth to St. David Birthstone of St. David
c. 6th century - St. Non (mother of St. David) is reported to have given birth to David on this stone.
St. Non's Holy Well - mother of St. David - Wales St. Non's Holy Well
Located near the shrine of St. Non (mother of St. David).
Ancient Stone carving in St. Davids Cathedral - Wales Ancient stone carving
Cathedral - Chapel of St. Nicholas
Ancient stone in St. Davids Catherdral - Pembrokeshire, Wales Ancient stone close up

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