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Thin Places - Travels through Celtic Holy Ground
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England - Thin Places in England
Glastonbury - a Thin Place
PIAbbeyRuins.jpg (22473 bytes) Ruined Crossing of the Great Church
PIArthur&Gwen.jpg (29762 bytes) Grave of King Arthur and Guinevere
  PIAbbeyArch.jpg (38534 bytes) The Lady Chapel
PITHornTree.jpg (30103 bytes) The Glastonbury Thorn Tree
Legend states that Joseph of Arimathea came to Glastonbury with the holy grail.  He stopped to rest and thrust his staff into the ground.  The staff sprouted and grew into the famous "Glastonbury Thorn Tree" located on the abbey grounds.
PITor.jpg (24655 bytes) The Tor
A natural phenomena, the Tor is a 500 foot hill rising up from the lowlands of Somerset.  Carved into the side is an ancient spiral pathway to get to the top.  St. Michaels tower (remnant of an older church) stands atop the Tor.
PIViewfromTor.jpg (20922 bytes) View from the Tor
(the mists of Avalon)
PIStMichaelsTowerBlue.jpg (81484 bytes) St. Michael's Tower Archway
PIPilgrimsMarker.jpg (38699 bytes) The Pilgrim's Marker
One of the ancient stones that marked the path of pilgrims on the the way to Glastonbury.
PITorLT.jpg (21403 bytes) The Tor (another view)

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