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Northern Ireland -Thin Places in the North
Boa Island - a Thin Place in Northern Ireland


Loch Erne, County Fermanagh Loch Erne
Boa Island is one of several islands in Loch Erne.
Cauldragh Cemetery, Boa Island - County Fermanagh Caldragh Cemetery
Ancient cemetery where Janus god markers are located.
Great Thorn Tree at entrance to Caldraugh Cemetery Great Thorn Tree
at cemetery entrance
Janus God marking grave in Caldraugh Cemetery, Boa Island  Janus God marking grave in Caldraugh Cemetery, Boa Island East & West faces of the large Janus god.

This Janus figure is placed so that it faces due east and west.  The sun rises and sets directly over the figure at the vernal equinox.  Some say the figure is over 1000 years old.  The Janus is the "all seeing god" that sees everything from the rising to the setting of the sun.
Baby Janus - small Janus figure in Caldraugh cemetery - Boa Island Baby Janus

This smaller Janus figure is situated adjacent to the large one.
Janus figures in Caldraugh Cemetery Both Janus figures
among ancient cemetery stones
Janus figures East faces - Cauldraugh Cemetery Both Janus figures 
(East Faces)
Drumskinney Stone Circle - Boa Island - County Fermanagh Drumskinny Stone Circle
c. 2250 BC
Drumskinney Standing Stones - Boa Island County Fermanagh Drumskinny Standing Stones
Rainbow over Loch Erne - County Fermanagh Rainbow over Loch Erne

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